1241 Ford Road, Bensalem, PA 19020

Canopy Assembly Instructions

CanopyStep 1: Lay canopy top and ropes out on the grass and drive stakes 4 feet out from the edges and tie off with the ropes. (Two stakes at each corner and one at each perimeter position)

Step 2: Assemble poles: 1 short/1 long for each perimeter pole and 1 short/2 long for each center pole. Starting with the corners, place poles through the grommets and push the bottom of each pole towards the center of the canopy and secure with canopy ropes. (Poles should be at a 45-degree angle.)

Step 3: Insert the center poles under the canopy and tie off each pole with the attached ropes. (Poles should be at a 90-degree angle.) Install the remaining side poles and secure with attached ropes. Then, tighten all corners so there is a slight drooping along the perimeter.

Step 4: Straighten the corner poles by lifting the canvas and repeat for all perimeter poles. If there is still sagging in any area after the canopy is fully installed, simply push the bottom of the pole towards the center about 1 ½ feet (similar to step 2) and tighten the ropes, then re-straighten the poles.


Size Stakes Long Poles Short Poles Perimeter Poles Center Poles
16×16 12 10 9 8 1
20×20 12 10 9 8 1
20×30 14 14 12 10 2
20×40 16 18 15 12 3