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Canopies are made specially for outdoor events that require shelter on strictly an all grass area. Please read below for more information.


  1. All canopies are SELF-INSTALL only. (Parties and More does not offer installations of any canopies)   
  2. See Links & Resources for installation instructions.          
  3. Must be placed in an all grass area.                
  4. Has center poles so it cannot be placed over a deck or driveway or any other surface other than grass. 
  5. Stakes/ropes extend 5ft around all sides which must be taken into account when measuring area.


Side Walls: 

  1. Not available for canopies.



  1. Not available for canopies.




  1. 16'x16' accomodates up to four 48"round tables. (24-30 guests)
  2. 20'x20' accomodates up to four 60"round/ 8ft rectangular tables. (32-40 guests)
  3. 20'x30' accomodates up to six 60"round/8ft rectangular tables. (48-60 guests)
  4. 20'x40' accomodates up to eight 60"round/8ft retangular tables. (64-80 guests)

                      (See our Tables & Chairs sections for suggested table sizes)


                 Pricing for Yellow & White Striped Canopies

                                     $110.00 per 16'x16'

                                     $140.00 per 20'x20'

                                     $170.00 per 20'x30'

                                     $210.00 per 20'x40'

            ** All canopies require non-refundable deposits, please contact us for details **